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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A Special Post Election Message

Dear MCAEL Community:
In the wake of the difficult election season we have all experienced, I am writing to reiterate to you MCAEL’s commitment to the network of adult English literacy providers and our core work. While we are in a time of significant change, MCAEL will continue its work in the same spirit we have for the last 10 years – with respect for everyone in the community. 
MCAEL remains true to our vision of a culturally diverse community where dreams are achieved through the power of literacy. We will be reaching out to our provider network in the coming days to find out what they are experiencing and determine how we can support them.
The day after the election, MCAEL staff went on some site visits – a plan we had for over a month. We observed classes in Germantown and Gaithersburg. We observed classes both at the UpCounty Regional Services Center in Germantown and Gaithersburg Library. It was very inspirational and moving to see the adults dedicated to their learning . . . especially after speaking with the instructors who told me it was a hard start to the day. The morning check-in conversations with learners focused on how badly everyone was feeling about the election and the questions they had about what policy changes would be made. At the core of their questions was the haunting concern that some of them might not be welcome here and might be sent back to their home countries. 
While it is always inspiring and educational to see the work of MCAEL providers in action, our visit on November 9th was a poignant reminder of the multitude of challenges adult English learners are carrying with them when they come to class and why the work that we do to ensure high quality instruction that helps learners accomplish their goals is so very important. Those challenges seemed strikingly heavy on Wednesday morning.
We succeed when we work and learn together, and when people have the tools they need to accomplish their goals. MCAEL’s commitment to the work of the coalition is unwavering – we are here to strengthen the countywide English literacy network to support a thriving community and effective workforce. 
Please contact me to see how you can help and let me know if you have any comments or questions.  

Kathryn E. Stevens

Executive Director

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