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Monday, December 5, 2016

Education Committee Report 2016

Watch the video telecast here.


Twice a year, MCAEL has the opportunity to update the Montgomery County Council Education Committee about its work.  On December 5, 2016, MCAEL Executive Director, Kathy Stevens and Board Chair, Debbie Rankin visited with the Councilmembers Craig Rice (chair), Nancy Navarro and Marc Elrich to update them on the coalition’s accomplishments and ongoing work.  The committee continued to be impressed with the coalition’s work and the data that is reported  - particularly that which reflects outcomes for our programs and learners.

We highlighted the first ever longitudinal data report that MCAEL had done of the past 4 years of data -we will be scheduling a time in early 2017 to share this with our program partners. Additionally, we showcased some of our focus areas for this year  - a few highlights include

Addressing the 2015 Needs Assessment findings, MCAEL:

1)      Funded new classes in East County and worked with East County leadership to continue to identify new sites and providers for classes in that area.

2)      Funded new classes sponsored by the new Vietnamese American Services organization.  Classes are taking place in Long Branch.  MCAEL was only able to fund one class this year (the grant request was for two and that class has been oversubscribed (with 30 attendees).

3)      Developing a pilot program with a local technology company to design a workplace specific application to be used at a MCAEL provider with workers on the job to focus on career related vocabulary

And, MCAEL continues to prioritize capacity building for provider staff and instructors, a few highlights for this year include:

1)      Revised the MCAEL Instructor Toolkit (to be published January 2017) to reflect current research and best practices

2)      Conduct instructor observations and evaluate implementation of tangible changes

3)      Determining how to better capture and report program development outcomes

4)      Revising RFP documents, reporting documents and grant categories to better reflect county and coalition needs & priorities in a more efficient manner, while maintaining the integrity of the grant process

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