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Friday, June 9, 2017

MCAEL Turns 10!

MCAEL celebrated the 10th anniversary of its official start as a nonprofit last month. Thanks to former MCAEL board chair Josh Jeffries and his wife Golda, for opening their home and hosting the event where former and current staff & board members, providers and supporters gathered.

In the past 10 years, the coalition has grown in influence, programming and staff. Officially incorporated in late in 2006 MCAEL was created to bring together the vast terrain of ESOL providers, to build the quality of ESOL instruction and to meet the large numbers of community members who needed English classes. We are honored to have grown the coalition to include many community organizations, community stakeholders, and business leaders.

Since being tasked by the County Council with oversight and coordination of county funding for adult English literacy programs the MCAEL Grants Program has:

  • From FY2007 to FY20017, supported a total of 45 programs many with continuing funding from year to year, thanks to the continued support of the Montgomery County Government.

From the days of Rachel (Glass) Peric, Heather Ritchie, and former staff and consultants who helped make what MCAEL is today, MCAEL has grown from a staff of 2-3 to a staff of 5. We thank them and many more for laying the foundation of our work.

We are proud of the solid programs we have helped build. Now the continued challenge is to provide quality instruction to more adults. MCAEL is looking forward to bringing classes to workplaces and building on the strong provider foundation.

Stay tuned for our 10-year anniversary brochure that shares our past, present and future work, coming soon online. Feel free to request a copy of the brochure or stop in for a visit to get a copy.

Click here to see photos of the event!

"Good communication (literacy) promotes dialogue and understanding among people, communities and translates to common goals/progress."
Betty Velthuis
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