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Friday, January 20, 2012

MCAEL Spring Provider Workshops



The Provider Meeting Schedule has been created based on the requests of the providers in MCAEL’s network and the guidance of the Provider Advisory Committee. Thank you to the Committee and Providers for their feedback and hard work! Please RSVP ahead of time if you can; however, please feel free to drop in if your schedule allows for it.
February 15th, 2012, Wednesday, 10am-12noon 
Topic:  Leveraging More Resources: Learning English – ROI – Common Goals and Indicators.
Provider and Instructor Network Meeting
In fall 2011, coalition members began a discussion on how more and more programs are being asked to not only show learning gains from learners, but also what learners can do or have done with the language gains... click here to learn more
March 7th, 2012, Wednesday, 10am-12noon
Topic:  Grant Information Session/Using Data to Promote Programs
Provider Workshop/Network Meeting 
This meeting will be in 2 parts: 
(1) MCAEL will host a RFP Informational session, with a Q and A section. MCAEL staff will walk through the RFP and note any differences in the process as compared to previous years. Applicants do not need to attend the workshop; however, it is strongly suggested. (2) Creative and Practical Strategies for using Data to talk to Funders... click here to learn more
April 18th, 2012, Wednesday, 10am-12noon
Topic: Networking, Guest Speakers and Transitions - Providing Pathways – Levels and Exit Criteria
Provider Workshop/Network Meeting
This meeting will provide an opportunity for program staff and instructors to meet or learn about individuals from other sectors in the county... click here to learn more
May 16th, 2012, Wednesday, 10am-12noon
Topic: Program Evaluation - TESOL Standards and Beyond
Provider Workshop/Network Meeting
Program Staff will explore or revisit the TESOL Standards in relation to their programs...click here to learn more 
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