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Thursday, March 14, 2013

MCAEL Provider Meeting Rescheduled


MCAEL Provider Meeting Rescheduled 
Topic: Request for Proposals for FY14 and Creating Amazing Budgets    
Friday, March 15, 2013   10am - 12noon 
RSVP to admin@mcael.org
This meeting will be in 2 parts: 
(1) MCAEL RFP Informational session, with questions and answers on the release of the MCAEL RFP and;MCAEL staff will walk through the RFP and note any differences in the process as compared to previous years. Applicants do not need to attend the workshop; however, it is strongly suggested. 
(2) Practical Strategies for Creating and Reviewing Budgets. Bring your program budget if you have one from last year or a draft for this year! Nonprofits have been stretched thin over the past few years, and many are spending lots of time energy keeping the programs running, and wondering how to meet payroll, buy books etc. Oftentimes, programs run based on the funding that is allocated to them vs. creating a budget to see the actual costs of the program. Sometimes it is helpful to step back and analyze the work being done from a different lens. This workshop will look at what programs are doing in terms of staff time and costs (hard, soft, real and in-kind). Through this process programs could find gaps in their budgets or learn about ideas to leverage new resources.
Please click here to view more information and the Requests for Proposals for each both Program and Micro Literacy Grants.*  If you have any questions, please contact Heather Ritchie at  hritchie@mcael.org.
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