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Friday, May 31, 2013

What your gift to MCAEL on June 6 can do - Open Doors for all

Do More 24. Learning English Opens Doors.
One Day. Our Community.
24 reasons to support English Literacy.
Your gift of $12, $24 or 48 makes it possible for someone to:
1. Fill out a job application
2. Call 911
3. Obtain a library card.
4. Read a prescription
5. Communicate with their child’s teacher
6. Help a child with homework
7. Communicate with customers.
8. Take the GED exam.
9. Pass the Citizenship test.
10. Be eligible for a promotion at work
11. Read a bus schedule
12. Talk with neighbors about what is going on in the neighborhood
13. Ask for help from a neighbor
14. Read nutrition labels on food packaging at the grocery store
15. Read the newspaper
16. Listen to the TV news
17. Interview for a job
18. Speak with a nurse or doctor
19. Write a resume
20. Read with their children
21. Register to vote
22. Comparison shop at the grocery store
23. Read a website and fill out a web form
24. Shop comfortably in stores using English
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