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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Applications being accepted for the More Learning, Less Teaching Workshop in January

MCAEL Instructor Workshop: More Learning, Less Teaching
January 11, 2014 (Alice-Ann Menjivar and Shirley Thompson)   
Info: 2 Saturdays (must attend both), 9:30am-4:30pm  
MCAEL is offering an exciting opportunity for teachers to examine and use some proven Adult ESOL techniques in a 14-hour training. Instructors will explore the principles of adult learning and how to structure a class. Instructors will participate in multiple classroom activities that can be used in the ESOL classroom. In addition, participants will learn about using realia in the classroom and upon completion of the course, receive a workshop bag full of materials for their own use (including Uno cards, metro maps, personal white board and more)! Finally, participants will walk-through how to plan and implement a lesson in combination with or without a textbook that fits the needs of learners. The focus of this training is on helping learners learn and how the instructor can facilitate the learning process. Along with the practical activities and theory, participants will receive a copy of the ESL Forward Instructional Manual.  Location: Conference room @ Nonprofit Village/MCAEL offices*
Dates: Saturday, January 11th and January 25th
This is the first part of a train-the-trainer program and those wishing to become trainers of this workshop will have the opportunity to do so in the future. The training was developed by Heide Spruck-Wrigley in collaboration with LCCT and adapted by MCAEL and the Master Trainers, who participated in the initial phase of the train-the-trainer process. (This training is valued at approximately $200/person/day.  Each participant will walk away with a bag of teaching materials valued at $80.)
"Literacy is the key element in education; it goes directly to economic development."
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