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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

MCAEL Compendium of TESOL Workshops, Certificates and Degrees

MCAEL staff is often asked "Where can I go for additional education in the field of ESOL/Adult Education?" This summer, Shreya, MCAEL's fantastic intern, helped us put together a compendium of teacher-training options - certificates, online courses, MA degrees and more.
So, in honor of the first day of school in Montgomery County and our belief in life-long learning, MCAEL is pleased to share with the network the opportunities that exist in the DC metro area (and a little beyond).
click here for the instructor resource page in general to see other online information from MCAEL (the career lattice, teacher toolkit and more):
Check out the options and feel free to call or email us with questions at program@mcael.org or at 301-881-3177. 
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