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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MCAEL went "Literacy Green" for Adult Ed and Family Literacy Week

MCAEL participated in the "Literacy Green" social media campaign with MAACCE for the week of September 22nd. Like MCAEL on Facebook at  - https://www.facebook.com/MCAEL.adult.English.literacy and see how programs around Montgomery County went “Green for Literacy”.  Learners, Instructors and Program Staff were encouraged to wear green, wear a green ribbon or create a green poster…to help us get the word out that literacy is a key skill for success.
Thank you to all the programs who participated and showed they are “Literacy Green”.
And…see what other national organizations did to celebrate their learners:
 COABE’s Student Showcase which was created by and for our members to feature inspirational student success stories from around the country! http://coabe.org/html/studentshowcase.html 
“NCL's wrap-up blog on AEFL week (http://national-coalition-literacy.org/) is now posted. Highlights are featured from CA, IL, LA, MD, and PA. You won't want to miss this photo: NCL associate member delegate Heather Ritchie from MCAEL is shown passing along the Literacy Bag Challenge. And in honor of AEFL week an Illinois community college president shares his inspiring story about getting from GED credential to EdD. Enjoy the blog - and thank you to all who helped us celebrate during 2014!”
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