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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

MCAEL Announces $950,000 in Grant Awards to Support Adult English Literacy in Montgomery County

ROCKVILLE, MD – June, 17 – The Montgomery Coalition for Adult English Literacy (MCAEL), announces the award of $950,000 in grants to support adult English literacy programs across Montgomery County. Funding for the grants is provided in partnership with the Montgomery County Government, with the support of County Executive Leggett and the Montgomery County Council.

17 organizations (22 programs) will be receiving grant support for adult English literacy programs from MCAEL. The objective of MCAEL’s grants program is to increase the availability of adult English literacy services offered to diverse populations, and to improve the quality of those services in the county. Community based organizations funded through the grants have served approximately 15,000 adult English language learners, total, since 2008.

MCAEL releases a request for proposals in late January. When talking about the grants process, Martin Yescas, MCAEL Grants Panel Co-Chair, stated “As a member of the FY16 MCAEL Grants Panel, I see efforts of the organizations dedicated to English literacy as playing an even more vital role in the county. Through the diligent efforts of MCAEL coalition partners, the county is advancing a shared vision of a successful and bilingual community to ensure that Montgomery County continues to move towards an even bigger and brighter future."

Program grants are made available to support adult English literacy programs in order to: (1) access and leverage ongoing/new partnerships and resources; (2) create access to English classes for underserved populations; and (3) develop access points to link individuals to the larger ESOL system that exists in Montgomery County.

Grants provided for FY16 are detailed in the “Grant Awards for FY16” available on the MCAEL website at http://www.mcael.org/facts-and-data. Highlights include Programs providing English classes to the expanding immigrant population Up County; Programs helping senior immigrants (over age 60) learn “Daily Living English”; English classes for low-income parents that help them participate more actively in their children’s education as well as become more self-sufficient; classes to assist adult learners with English for the workplace; English for Health and a pilot program “Trade Talk English Literacy for Landscape Workers.”

In addition to funding, MCAEL works to expand capacity and quality by providing training, technical assistance and other supports to more than 60 grantee and non-grantee provider programs offering adult English literacy classes throughout Montgomery County. MCAEL also helps improve access and coordination through publication of the MCAEL Provider Directory of English Services, the Montgomery County’s only comprehensive listing English and literacy programs, available in print and on MCAEL’s website at http://www.mcael.org/directory.


MCAEL is a community coalition of public, nonprofit, and business partners that support more than 60 adult ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and literacy service programs, 1,500 instructors and staff, and over 20,000 adult learners. Together, the Coalition works to strengthen the community by helping adults gain the English literacy skills needed to reach their potential as parents, workers and community members. For more information please visit www.mcael.org.

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