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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Adult English Literacy: Mapping the Diversity of Needs


ROCKVILLE, MD – February, 22, 2016 – A MCAEL and CountyStat collaboration yields a new tool to map, analyze and understand the needs of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) populations in Montgomery County. The new tool, Adult English Literacy: Mapping the Diversity of Needs, is an interactive Storymap and graphic representation of ESOL communities in Montgomery County.

The 2016 MCAEL Storymap has the ability to look at data at zip code levels for specific community needs. The MCAEL Storymap is a resource to the county and organizations looking to support on-going adult English literacy initiatives. This new tool demonstrates how the coalition and its' partners are meeting English language acquisition needs and provides a platform for ongoing coalition data dissemination.

Kathy Stevens, Executive Director of MCAEL says “This project is a great collaboration between our coalition, CountyStat and county adult ESOL providers. The data collected needed to be portrayed in an understandable and accessible format so that we as a community can understand the need and work together on meeting the need of adult English literacy in the county.”

The Adult English Literacy: Mapping the Diversity of Needs project is a culmination of 6 months of work by MCAEL and a steering committee with the County Stat Office of Montgomery County to layer census data with MCAEL coalition data in order to produce an ESOL snapshot of the county. View the MCAEL Storymap at: http://www.mcael.org/facts-and-data

Project findings include:

  • MCAEL providers (including grantees and all other providers) are serving 8% of the total Limited English Proficient (LEP) population in the county.
  • 11% of the Spanish speaking LEP population is being served.
  • 2% of the speakers of Asian and Pacific Islander languages are being served coalition wide.
  • In Gaithersburg, where MCAEL has focused increased funding over the last year, 10% of the LEP Population is being served.


About CountyStat

CountyStat is the performance management and data analytics team within the Offices of the County Executive of Montgomery County, Maryland. Since its establishment in 2007, CountyStat has used data to monitor and improve the performance of County services, solve problems, and deliver results for Montgomery County residents, businesses, and communities. For more information please visit https://reports.data.montgomerycountymd.gov/countystat.

"Literacy is a human right. In Montgomery County, literacy leads to community members who are self-sufficient and able to give back to the County."
Sissy Kegley
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