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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

MCAEL 3rd Annual Grown-Up Spelling Bee

Rockville, MD – April 18, 2016- The pressure is on for Holy Cross Health to retain its role as the Spelling Bee Champion of Montgomery County when MCAEL hosts the Annual Spelling Bee fundraiser.

This year local executives, community leaders and spelling aficionados will compete in the 3rd Annual MCAEL GrownUp Spelling Bee to win county bragging rights and fundraise for adult English literacy. This event, a signature night for the county, brings people together for a fun night of education and philanthropy.

MCAEL Executive Director, Kathy Stevens, explains “This fundraiser helps to close the literacy gap in Montgomery County. The County has over 80,000 adults who lack Basic English literacy skills, while 12,000 students have parents who lack basic literacy needs, and over 130,000 are limited in their ability to communicate in English. Hundreds of residents are on waiting lists to take English literacy classes.” 

Tim Delaney, director of internal communications at Holy Cross Health, a member of the winning Spelling Bee team last year says, "The Spelling Bee is a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase our support for MCAEL and increase awareness of Adult English Learning Initiatives. We look forward to cheering on this year's team toward victory."

The Spelling Bee takes place Wednesday, April 20th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at the Montgomery College Cultural Arts Center at 7995 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring, MD. For more information please visit www.mcaelspellingbee.com.


MCAEL is a community coalition of public, nonprofit, and business partners that support more than 70 adult ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) and literacy service programs, 1,500 instructors and staff, and over 20,000 adult learners. Together, the Coalition works to strengthen the community by helping adults gain the English literacy skills needed to reach their potential as parents, workers and community members. 


Event Sponsors:

Adventist HealthCare RockvilleBurness Communications,Montgomery College, Rivka Yerushalmi, Social & Scientific SystemsPepcoHoly Cross Health,Universities at Shady GroveLee Development Groupsignal financialEurekaFacts LLCLerch, Early and BrewerEagleBank and Saggar & Rosenberg, P.C.

"Good communication (literacy) promotes dialogue and understanding among people, communities and translates to common goals/progress."
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