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Faces of Literacy

This series of photos highlights women who are learning English at the Muslim Community Center, and the challenges that learners face when going to the doctor for a checkup or because of ill health.  Some of the women arrived two weeks before the photos were taken; others arrived over 10 years before.

A Health Story

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About the Exhibit!
A collection of more than 20 images of transformation, Faces of Literacy: Journeys to Opportunities is inspired by other projects that seek to give voice to those cannot speak, write or communicate in the local and global communities in which they live. Faces of Literacy aims to connect people in Montgomery County through a deeper understanding of the experience and challenges of New Americans learning English.  Photographs by Stephanie Williams. View website

With Our Appreciation
We recognize those who participated in the coordination and shooting of the photographs, and give special thanks to Stephanie Williams, Liz Rauh, Mary Ngo, Rummana Habib, Karen Bashir and all the participants. We also thank the Muslim Community Center and MontgomeryWorks for their space and their staff members' time.

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