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Passionate about helping adults gain the skills they need to be successful members of our community?

Volunteer with MCAEL

  • Provide event/workshop support (evenings/weekends) or general administrative support (weekdays)
  • Share your skills on a one-time, project-basis (such as outreach or IT projects)
  • Serve on MCAEL's Board or on a committee
  • Advocate as a community member 


Volunteer in the Classroom

MCAEL can also connect you to a local direct service provider, where you can:

  • Provide direct instruction as a classroom instructor, tutor, or conversation club facilitator
  • Support learning as a classroom aide
  • Provide program or administrative support on an ongoing or project basis.

To learn more, view our latest volunteer and job listings or contact us to find a match.  MCAEL also offers workshops and training for local volunteers.

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