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Welcoming Week

Creating Home Together.

Celebrate Welcoming Week (A Welcoming America Initiative)

MCAEL is excited to participate in Welcoming Week, September 12-20th. Through Welcoming Week, organizations and communities bring together immigrants, refugees, and long-time residents to build strong connections and affirm the importance of welcoming and inclusive places in achieving collective prosperity. At a time when political rhetoric has deepened divisions and the COVID-19 pandemic has renewed anti-immigrant sentiment, Welcoming Week reminds us to double down on our inclusive vision and find new ways to bring together people across lines of difference to develop greater understanding and mutual support.

Join us for discussions, food demos and more!

Participating Orgs include: City of Rockville, Community Reach of Montgomery County, English Now, Montgomery College, Office of Councilmember Gabe Albornoz, Red Bandana Bakery, Neek & Nan's and other community stakeholders.


Organization Event Date/Time Description
English Now Open Mic Saturday September 12
Join us for an Open Mic Event. Share a poem, a story or a song about what home means to you. Perform for up to three minutes or be part of the audience. A celebration of our diverse backgrounds and talents as we "create home together!" Email us at communityservice@washingtoncie.org to register as a performer.
MCAEL Discussion Monday September 14
5pm-6 pm
“Building Community and Creating Home in the ESOL Classroom.”
A zoom discussion with ESOL instructors, program managers and students on creating educational environments that help students feel at home in the ESOL classroom.
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Neek & Nan/Red Bandana Bakery Food Demo Tuesday
September 15
Creating Home Through Food! Join the owners of Neek & Nan's and Red Bandana Bakery as they provide a live food demonstration just in time for dinner. Jaimie Mertz, owner and pastry chef at Red Bandana Bakery will provide a live bake-along demonstration of one of her recipes and to talk about the role dessert plays in creating a sense of home and building togetherness!
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MCAEL FB Live @ Crossroads Farmers Market in Langley Park Wednesday September 16
Creating Home @ at the Crossroads Farmers Market! On September 16th, Crossroads Farmers Market will be celebrating El Día de la Independencia! MCAEL will be on hand and via Facebook Live to promote Welcoming Week and our 2020 list of Montgomery County ESOL classes. Stop by the market to support your area's local farmers and producers and enjoy the celebration! Please remember to wear a mask and maintain social distancing while at market.
Office of Gabe Albornoz Discussion Wednesday September 16
Join Montgomery County Councilmembers Gabe Albornoz and Nancy Navarro for an online discussion on civic engagement. The process in which residents become involved in issues concerning their communities is a value that is important to both council members. Councilmembers Albornoz and Navarro will be discussing why civic engagement is crucial and ways in which residents can become involved. A couple of special guests will be on hand to describe their experiences in being civic leaders. Register here
MCAEL Zoom Social Friday September 18
Join MCAEL Executive Director, Kathy Stevens, for an informal social via zoom to bring welcoming week to a conclusion. We'll share thoughts about our homes in Montgomery County, view Welcoming Windows and celebrate our work together.
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Decorate your window: 

To show support for our new neighbors MCAEL and partners are asking organizations and individuals to decorate a window in your own home or business with a picture, artwork, words, etc. that shows what home means to you. 

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